Bar Rail [BRS]

Wooden Bar Rails

We offer traditional wooden Bar rails and many wood species.

Timber Bar rail or wooden Bar rail is used as a decorative and often functional bar or countertop edging, fixed around bar areas to provide comfort for the customer or protection to the bar top.

Most of our barrails can be manufactured in the timber species of your choice. See our custom productsclick here to learn more

The most popular wood species for Bar rails are; Oak, American oak and Sapele Bar rail. Walnut, Beech or Ash Bar rails are also very good options. Products in this category are not normally used outside so please consider durable timbers should you decide to use Bar rails for external applications or heavy use/moisture exposure.

Hardwood and softwood choices are available on our website click here for more timber info and options. You can buy hardwood bar rail online from Wooduchoose for delivery anywhere.

Plus if you need to buy bespoke bar rail to match your design; we can help with this too - click here for more information on our bespoke service.

Also for architects and designers; download our Bar rail profiles as CAD drawings. Click here for more about DWG Bar rails and CAD Bar rail drawings.


New Product BRS101


Width: 106 mm - Thickness: 76 mm
(4 3/16" x 3")
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S101 - BRS101 image
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New Product BRS102


Width: 128 mm - Thickness: 87 mm
(5 1/16" x 3 7/16")
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S102 - BRS102 image
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New Product BRS103


Width: 89 mm - Thickness: 60 mm
(3 8/16" x 2 6/16")
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S103 - BRS103 image
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New Product BRS105


Width: 140 mm - Thickness: 67 mm
(5 8/16" x 2 5/8")
Wood: You choose
Bar Rail S105 - BRS105 image
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