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Skirting Board 104 [SB104]

Torus Skirting Board

This a Torus skirting board. An attractive period skirting for renovations, replacements and new work.

Often described as a 7 inch or 7" Skirting board. You can learn more about this product and its dimensions by clicking on the 'View Detail Sheet' button to left, under the images. The width and thicknesses shown are the overall finished sizes of the product.

Skirting Board 104 is a custom product - Learn More

This can be made in a number of timbers. Click "Choose Wood" on the bottom below to go to the next stage. You will be given a number of timer options with our recommended choices for this product highlighted with a star. You can filter the wood options too. The most popular wood species for skirting boards are; Oak and we can offer American Oak, European oak Skirting. Maple, Utile, Walnut and Ash skirting are also very good options. 

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Common Uses

Wooden skirting boards are used at the base of internal walls at the junction of the floor. Sometimes described as wainscot board.


This item is recommended for internal application

Width: 168 mm - Thickness: 21 mm

Product priced by: 'm'

Top Tip

When choosing a skirting board to go with an architrave - consider a thinner Skirting as this helps 'break' the joint where they meet.


Not found what you are looking for? Need a different size, slightly different profile or to match what you have? All in the wood of your choice and in any quantity - click here for an instant price for a bespoke or custom product to match your requirements. Bespoke wooden mouldings and much more. Anything made of wood, we can source it.

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