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Apron 167 [AP167]

Apron | Cover fillet | Wooden Trim

Decorative wooden apron or cover fillet

Wooden aprons can be used for multiple applications. This wooden cover mould can be used to hide a joint between timber boards or different materials. It can be used as a decorative feature or on furniture. Available in many hardwoods and softwoods this cover fillet is extremely versatile.

Learn more about this product - CLICK 'View Detail Sheet'. The dimensions shown are the overall, finished sizes.

Apron 167 is a custom product - this is produced to order and available in many types of wood.

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Common Uses

To conceal gaps at material changes in buildings, often as a fascia, fixed where a vertical surface meets a horizontal transition such as walls and floors and other abutments. A truly multi purpose trim.


This item can be used for both external and internal applications

Width: 76 mm - Thickness: 38 mm

Product priced by: 'm'


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