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Bespoke Stairs - Floating Stairs [STAIRS | FLOATING]

Floating Staircases | Stairs with floating appearance

Floating staircases

We offer beautifully crafted bespoke staircases in many wood options. Purpose made stairs to your requirements manufactured by the best craftspeople in the UK. Simply click below choose your wood and tell us about the stairs you require. The more information you can provide the more accurate the prices we can offer. We work with the best stair makers in the country and you can be sure we can supply exactly what you need. We supply across the UK including staircases for London, stairs to the south east and bespoke stairs Devon.   

We can offer advice on staircase design, information on building regulations for stairs the most suitable wood for stairs (best wood for staircases). We also supply and deliver stair parts and stair components – CLICK HERE FOR MORE

We offer full staircase manufacture or stair components in various woods – oak stairs, walnut stairs, solid maple stairs, ash staircases and many more. We also supply external wood stairs made in Iroko, Utile and other durable wood options.

The product is for floating staircases or floating treads. These are often cantilevered stairs or treads built in or fixed to walls without strings or a traditional stair structure. By selecting this and providing your requirements we will contact all the most suitable manufacturers and provide prices to suit your needs. We shop around so you don’t have too - bespoke stairs online.  

For more specific bespoke staircase types – please go to alternative options;

All bespoke stairs, curved stairs, staircases for listed buildings (stairs to match historic staircases).

Floating stairs ideas

Mouldings in many hardwoods Unfinished wood product Bespoke joinery Planed wood 



This item can be used for both external and internal applications

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