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670 kg/m3

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Trunk Diameter:

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Thermowood is a modification process with steam and high heat treatment. This process takes between 48 and 96 hours, taking into account some variables such as; timber species, width and initial moisture content. Thermowood process can be divided into 3 stages; high temperature drying, heat treatment and cooling. Most of the negatives of wood are minimized and have been abolished. As a result of the high temperature applied to the wood, the substances which shorten the lifecycle of any timber (glucose, citric acid, resin etc.) which exist at the inner part of the wood are resolved and crystallized. This process makes the physical properties of the timber better, improves the durability and provides an excellent colour.

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Material Type:
Modified Woods

Durability Notes:
With the Thermo Ash the resins and sugars are removed which improves durability against fungus and insect attack. A highly durable timber

Bending properties vary but normally very good. The wood is elastic, tough and strong relative to its weight and has good stiffness and hardness. Shock resistance is very good. It works well with machine and hand tools but has a tolerable blunting effect. The harder species need pre-drilling for nailing and screwing. It polishes, stains and glues well.

Moisture Content:
Normally below 8% KD

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