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Special Products [SPX]

High Quality Timber Gifts, Furniture, Games and more

A range of high quality timber products, from bespoke wooden gifts and games to furniture. Made from the best timber by the world's best craftsman and women - wood gifts and more.

Many of these products are made to order and are hand made by some of the most talented craftsmen and women in the world. Made predominantly from solid wood these are sustainable, environmentally friendly gifts. Many are unique to Wooduchoose and some are available in a choice of timbers - the 'wood you choose' part. Find something new, innovative and different as a gift made from wood or as a functional high quality timber product that will last for many, many years.


Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A Wood: Black Walnut (American)
Chess Board 01 - CB01 image
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Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A Wood: Wenge
Chess Board 02 - CB02 image
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Width: 117 mm - Thickness: 32 mm Wood: You choose
Key Holders - KH01 image
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Width: N/A - Thickness: N/A Wood: You choose
Painting Stands - PH01 image
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