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[26.11.2017] - Introducing an amazing new innovative service from Wooduchoose ??? Buy sawn wood online from multiple sources

Create your cutting list adding your own references. We then instantly gather comparable prices from the UK’s top wood suppliers, timber merchants and send them to your inbox. We shop around so you don't have to.


[30.06.2017] - Wood price comparison website - IS HERE

LIVE NOW - THIS SITE IS NOW A WOOD PRICE COMPARISON WESBITE - We have tweaked our system to allow you receive quotes from multiple suppliers for bespoke and custom wood products. Receive instant estimates and then click to send to the best manufactures in the UK. We then send quotes to you allowing you to choose your supplier and buy online. We shop around so you don't have too.


[20.03.2017] - Great new service for Joiners and Manufacturers - Coming soon

Other than the great products we already offer (in the wood of your choice) we will soon be introducing our sawn board, cutting list service. You simply enter your cutting list and receive a lump sum price for enough timber for the project - plus you can compare prices instantly online from the best suppliers in the UK. A one stop shop for all of your timber needs.

[08.11.2014] - A Woodworking Revolution Has Arrived

After years of development a truly unique website for the woodworking and joinery industry is born. The internet influences all areas of our lives and there are few consumer products that cannot be sourced through this medium. However until now bespoke timber products have not been easily accessible on the World Wide Web.