Made To Match - Wooden Product Wizard

The made to match wizard is designed to help you find the correct profile to match your existing items, you simply need to select the type pf product you are trying to match, skirting board, for example, you will then be shown a selection of moulding sizes and shapes, you simply need to select the closet matching profile. We will then suggest the most suitable timbers to use, or you can select an option for our team to pick the best timber, then all you will need to do is tell us the sizes and quantity you require and we will provide an estimated price and the option to get a full dedicated quotes from our supplier network.

How to
measure guide:
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Step 1. Please select the type of product you are looking to match:

Step 2. Please select the 'Cladding' profile that best / closest matches your product from the following options:

We also have a range of pre-designed Cladding moulding to choose from, browse Cladding moulding