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A Woodworking Revolution Has Arrived

The Online Wood Specialists

This was the original News Post when we launched in 2015:

After years of development a truly unique website for the woodworking and joinery industry is born.

The internet influences all areas of our lives and there are few consumer products that cannot be sourced through this medium. However until now bespoke timber products have not been easily accessible on the World Wide Web.

Wooduchoose Ltd offers a huge, ever increasing range, of products in the timber of choice. At the point of launch most of the products relate to the construction and joinery industries with an extensive range for numerous applications. The unique system is adaptable to all bespoke timber products and the company is developing many of its 100s of ideas and introducing new ranges.

In addition Wooduchoose offers a matching service, or they can produce to any designs and ideas. Plus soon; you can even receive an instant online price for these – a first for the industry.

With many years in the building industry, since the early 1990s, Paul Hayman (the founder) knows of the complexities of construction projects and has modelled the site to assist all within this sector - and beyond. For example; free CAD drawings - DWG and PDF downloads are available to designers and architects allowing them to import and use in their designs. This gives them the confidence of knowing they can source the item whilst obtaining an instant price for budgeting. 

With a growing database of related services; customers can make contact with tradesmen and other professionals in their area to assist with other aspects of their projects.

Whether you are a trade customer, Designer, DIY fanatic or new to the world of timber products Wooduchoose is open for business. Check out our products and available materials.


An interactive wood price comparison site is born.

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How it works;


Acknowledgements and thanks;

Paul would like to a thank those who have made it possible over the years of development; 

My family;

First and foremost I would like to thank my wonderful wife, Julie, for all of her love and support (and for putting up with years of taking about wood and websites!). Thanks to my daughter Georgina (8 years old at the time) for all of her hours of help with checking drawings and lists. Plus my daughter Olivia (5) for bringing me back to reality with her laughter and fun. To my Mum and Dad for their support and Mum's proof reading of the site.

Thanks to Jeremy Yelland for creating a website masterpiece! - The finished article does not tell even half the story of what has gone into this. My thanks go to Jeremy for his patience hard work and expertise.

My thanks go to all the team at Haymans for their support and help on the way with special thanks to Kevin (the oracle for all things wood and joinery). To Carl for his patience and to always reacting to my unreasonable demands! Plus thanks to Nadia for her ideas and enthusiasm, to Rod, Martin, and John for staring in the videos and for the fun in making them.

Thanks to Shawn Winn for his help with the designs and with advice and tips along the way.

We carried out extensive research to compile our wood data - with help from suppliers, books, websites and more. Wood Identification book by T. Porter is a particularly good book and well worth purchasing.

There are many more to mention and apologies to those I have not named - but thank you to all involved.

Posted by Paul Hayman on Sunday 11 June 2017 at 21:35

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