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Please use this knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions, if the answer you are looking for is not situated here, then please contact us

Q. If I buy large quantities will all of the timber be the same in terms of appearance?
A. Regardless of how much you buy the appearance from one piece of timber to another (and even across a single piece) can vary dramatically. Timber is a natural product and the although each species will have it's own characteristics some will vary more than others in consistency. For more info please go to Materials or Technical Area & Advice.  
Q. What products to you have in stock?
A. Most of our products are made to order so there are rarely stocks kept. Depending on your requirements most products can be produced quickly. The timescales will be indicated at the point of order. If you have a specific need (not listed at the order stage) simply enter into the additional information section and your chosen supplier will do all they can to accommodate you.
Q. How do I choose the best wood for my project?
A. Check out are technical area - this will help with wood choice and direct you to other useful tools for selecting the right wood for your project.
Q. Does Wooduchoose manufacture the products in their own factory?
A. Our supply partners produce all of the products. They are carefully selected and vetted to ensure we only work with the very best. This ensures we can offer excellent choice and competitive prices whilst maintaining the highest quality.  
Q. Do you use sustainable materials?
A. Our suppliers are committed to providing high quality products from well managed sources to ensure that the supporting sustainable forestry. For more information please go to Environment at WOODUCHOOSE.
Q. Do you supply other joinery products such as - Windows, doors and stairs etc?
A. Yes - please go to our bespoke joinery section. We can supply anything made from wood.
Q. How are the products delivered?
A. Depending on what you order and the supplier you choose, will determine how it comes to you. Once you have followed the process the method of delivery (plus timescales) will be indicated. For linear products such as timber mouldings these will normally arrive unpackaged/unwrapped but bound together - for delicate products or smaller items these may be boxed or wrapped for protection. 
Q. What do I need to do to the timber product when I receive it?
A. Timber natural and is subject to changes when exposed to different conditions. Our products are, predominantly, unfinished and in the bare natural state. Sanding, preparation and coating will be required and the extent will depend on your desired finish. For more information please click on Materials for specifics about a chosen species or go to Finishing and DECORATING for tips and advice on how to finish the products. You may also find Technical Area & Advice of use.
Q. Will my chosen timber move and distort?
A. Timber is a natural product and is subject to movement when exposed to different conditions such as different temperatures and moisture levels. Some timbers are more stable than others and our website provides advice on the best product for the situation in which you wish to use it. All suppliers store their kiln dried timber inside and the moisture content is within British Standard requirements. For more info please go to; Materials and Technical Area & Advice.