Tongue and Groove timber boards

Wooden tongue and groove boarding is very popular both internally and externally. Most of our tongue and groove boarding can be manufactured in the timber species of your choice.

Tongue and Groove timber boards

A question we often get asked is ‘What does T&G stand for?’ the answer is simple T&G stands for Tongue and Groove.  Timber tongue and groove is a traditional method of connecting matching timber boards  together, edge to edge. Tongue and groove can be used in with many materials but is most predominantly used mainly with wood for flooring and panelling.

Tongue and groove wood cladding and panels can be used both horizontally and vertically, though the majority of the timber tongue and groove profiles on Wooduchoose are designed to be fixed vertically, but of course these can be used horizontally depending on location (weather exposure must be considered).

Tongue and groove boards

T&G boards are also sometimes refreshed to as  VTG and VT&G boarding for 'V' Jointed boarding. Bead and butt for a board with a bead or small round - we offer many boards of these types in addition to our standard tongue and groove profiles.

At Wooduchoose we have tongue and groove cladding, tongue and groove flooring and many more tongue and groove boards. These are great as wall panelling, and can be used indoors for many more applications.

The most popular wood species for tongue and groove is; Oak (and we offer American Oak and European Oak), Ash, Maple and Walnut. Beech, Sapele and Pine. These timbers are all great for all tongue and groove board options.

Accoya and Iroko are highly recommended for external T&G boarding applications.

We offer a range of hardwood and softwood choices via our online wood database with an interactive guide to help you find the best timber option. You can either request a quote for one of our standard tongue and groove profiles online or choose the made 2 match services and quest quotes from across the UK to match your existing profile. All orders on Wooduchoose offer national delivery for free.

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