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Bespoke Mouldings and more

Mouldings Made to Match


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Architrave - Beading - Coving - Dado Rail - Decking - Picture Rail - Panel Mould - Base rail - Handrail - Skirting Board - Tongue and Groove board - Cladding

Our “Mouldings Made to Match” service caters for all of your bespoke wood moulding needs. We can match any timber profile in any wood. This is perfect for; wood mouldings for listed buildings, timber mouldings to match existing, bespoke skirting boards, bespoke wooden architraves, custom and bespoke dado rail and picture rails. We match period mouldings and all architectural mouldings can be made to match.

Many of our customers work on buildings with historical value and need mouldings for heritage buildings and timber profiles and mouldings for restoration work. As we offer this service and can match in any wood we are the one stop shop for bespoke timber mouldings.

You may also have an idea or design for a unique wooden profile or moulding – we can turn that into reality.

Wood Moulding Experts

With experience in architectural mouldings since the early 1990s you can be sure of a dedicated first class service.

We work with a number of wood moulding suppliers, wood moulding specialist and timber milling companies. This means we can produce made to match wood mouldings from 1m to thousands of metres at the most competitive prices in the UK.

For linear timber items, where you may need to match a profile or have a design of your own, such skirting, architrave, dado rail and many more - simply send us your design via email or post a small section of your profile. We can match any timber profile or moulding. Click here for our contact details.

If you describe your requirements in terms of quality, timber species, delivery details etc. we will assess and return a quote to you.

Other bespoke wood services

Our made to match service extends to other areas and we can basically match anything that is made of wood. We are often commissioned to make wood components for classic cars, replacement wooden sections for furniture and more. Plus manufacture of many bespoke joinery items from; timber windows, doors and staircases plus more unusual items such as; beech chair raisers for musicians, gymnastics pedestals blocks, wooden serving trays and platters, squash court flooring, wooden gym flooring and much more….

If you have a requirement for anything made of wood - we can get it made:

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