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As a founding member of Wooduchoose, I have been instrumental in shaping the evolution of our application and expanding my knowledge of the world of timber and woodworking. With a background in IT and software development, I have been heavily involved in developing the technical aspects of our platform, but in 2020 my focus shifted towards marketing the WoodU brand and our group of sites.

Through my journey with Wooduchoose, I have been able to merge my passion for technology whilst learning more about woodworking to create a unique and valuable tool for those in the industry. I am constantly learning and growing, both personally and professionally, as I strive to make Wooduchoose the go-to destination for all things woodworking.

Blog Posts by Jeremy Yelland - Page. 4

Blog Post: Finishing and Decorating Your Exterior Wood Products Finishing and Decorating Your Exterior Wood Products
Last Updated: 26-06-2017
CLEAR FINISHES: THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOUR BUILDING? Using timber externally and applying clear coatings, or even leaving the timber unfinished and allowing it to weather, can provide an authentic natural effect but there ...
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